Tuesday, October 6, 2015

GMCT Goal 1: Lose 75 pounds

I am fat y'all. My wellness program at work tells me that with my BMI, I am actually obese. That's a dirty word, isn't it? Well the truth is that I am fat. I put on a lot of weight when I got pregnant, but honestly, I was chubby before that too. This is discouraging because I have already lost this same 75 pounds a few years ago. At once more a few years before that! 

So this summer I decided to stop being ashamed of my body and just wear shorts and tank tops. It's hot in South Texas and it's hot being fat. And even if I wear jeans, the world can tell what my body looks like. So I have been happily wearing tank tops and avoiding having my photo taken, but then I went on vacation and genuinely wanted some photos with my daughter and cringed when I saw them. Flesh for miles, y'all.

So I don't have a good plan yet but I've been trying to avoid sugar because that is my gateway drug. I am also 6 days in to my 30 Day Elliptical Challenge and I'm actually already feeling better. Some parts of my body still hurt, but not as intensely. I am considering the Whole 30, but that seems pretty intense to me.

So I am calling this goal "Operation Dreamer Jeans." I have a pair of jeans from Old Navy in "Dreamer" style and although they are old, they are perfect. I am pretty sure I bought them for my engagement photos. I want to wear these jeans again so so so badly. These jeans are the symbol for my goal of losing 75 pounds before I try to have another baby.

I love love LOVE my family. I want to model proactive and healthy living for my daughter. I want to be a healthy and pretty partner for my husband. I want to get my crap together.


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