Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Very Valiente Food Rut

Los Valientes are kinda messed up about food these days. I used to be the most glorious of food planners. In San Antonio, we ate a variety of colors, flavors, and from various cultures. There are a mutlitude of things I could say about food, but I am trying to keep most of my blogs to about 4-5 paragraphs in hopes that people will actually read them, so I'll try to humorously summarize and propose a solution.

We are in a food rut- a serious one. I make a weekly plan that we stick to for about a day and a half, which means I cook one meal and we take the leftovers for lunch the next day- and then we tank by Tuesday. We are gone from home for about 12 hours a day, which makes cooking very unattractive after an hour and a half of subway-ness. We also walk to the grocery store and back home, which involves two flights of stairs each way. So the plan is to go shopping twice a week, but going to our ghetto food store after work on a Wednesday is exponentially less appealing than cooking.

You can get basically ANYTHING delivered here, including hamburgers. In San Antonio, we at least had to go retrieve our crap food. Here, all you need is cash and foods of all kinds will be brought to you. And yes, it's as bad ass as it sounds. But we eat burgers and fries at least once a week- which also means no leftovers for lunch the next day, do there is usually crap food for lunch, too.

Here's what happens every.single.weekend (and has happened for the past 2 1/2 years): the Yankee asks me what is for lunch on Saturday and Sunday and I respond that I don't know because I don't normally plan lunches on the weekend. When I say every weekend, I mean this literally happens 104 times each year. Since I don't plan lunches, I don't normally buy lunchy kinds of foods. Since we eat leftovers for lunch during the week (theoretically), I don't buy sandwichy things. We end up eating trash food all weekend as a result of our crappy planning. For example, today I have eaten an entire package of lemon sugar wafers and a pot of coffee using powdered sugar, as well as a Butterfinger, four pieces of white bread... and let's pretend like all the food I ate on Saturday never happened, okay?

This is a small deviation, but I'll bring it back around: y'all know I love to declutter. I hate collecting magazine articles and recipes, because I never read them or make them. This also applies to my Pinterest. I don't want a bunch of photos of things that look cool but I never make or do. That just kinds stresses me out.

In summary, I haven't been mulling over this very much and I don't have a grand theory to put out there as to how to resolve this. Some of the problem is laziness, part if true exhaustion, and part is a lack of inspiration. My only idea is to actually start cooking the stuff I pin on pinterest. This week I am going to make stuff from this board. Maybe this baby step will help me get back on track with good habits. Maybe I can blow the dust off some of my cookbooks next weekend. We'll see what happens.