Monday, February 28, 2011


I miss pizza. I really do. I have been "off' pizza for a few years now. I decided to totally eliminate dairy from my diet and then cut out gluten- which basically eliminates 2/3rds of a pizza. Pizza requiers a soft, stretchy dough. This consistency really, really needs gluten and i haven't found anything that can duplicate the texture. I've tried three different kinds of pizza mix: King Arthur, Bob's Red Mill, and Pamela's. I do not recommend any of them.

Here's the Frankenpizza that came from King Arthur

The taste was okay, but it didn't reheat well at all. The texture was the closest to real pizza I've had so far but the dough was really wierd.

I didn't take a photo of the Bob's pizza. it was flat, sour and soggy.

Tonight I tried making Pamela's.

This brand came highly recommended by two non-GF eaters. It was AWFUL. The dough was pretty easy to handle and it looked really good, but it was just terrible. I think the sauce was too thin and soaked the crust, or maybe it just didn't cook through. The crust was sweet at first and ended sour.

The Yankee couldn't really stomach it, poor guy.

He gave it a fair chance and in the end, here was his dinner (looks a lot like Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza, doesn't it)?


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