Saturday, February 23, 2013

When It Isn't Working: the desk

There are a few things I feel strongly about in my home- no, I have a lot of things I feel strongly about, but not all of them relate to this post. I prefer to declutter before I organize, I like to be prepared, and I really don't like to keep appliances plugged in unless it is critical (stove, refrigerator, cable box, etc). I unplug my coffee maker if I am not using it, we don't keep our chargers plugged in unless we are charging, and I keep my printer unplugged except for the rare occasion that I print something.

When The Yankee and I got married, we had a mish mash of office supplies that I kept in a series of tubs and bins (bad solution). The Yankee also planned to go to law school so we bought a desk. This desk sucks y'all. The top of it is shallow and it has a wierd shelf thing on the back. The drawer is really made to hold a key board and a few office supplies. Although I own very few office items, it seems like the drawer is bursting and overflowing.

This morning I had to type a letter and print it, which involved moving the printer to the top of the desk, installing the printer on my itty bitty netbook (my laptop is being repaired- don't ask)- THAT involved hooking up five cords and a dozen clicks and seriously y'all, I am done with this desk. I have received approval to get rid of the desk, which makes me beyond excited. My dream home would only include six pieces of furnture so this feels like a mighty triumph.

The question now is what to do with all the stuff in the desk. I need a good solution. I normally tend to load the items into a platic bin but the problem with that is that I have to unpack it to find things and that's just ask inconvenient if I am in a rush and just need one envelope. I don't mind keeping a small box with pens and whatnot and having a small stack of "working papers" but I just can't think of how to make it work. I am really excited about getting rid of the desk and I want to do it sooner than later. I just have to remind myself not to rush and end up with something sloppy and inconvenient.

Anyone out there have any good ideas? We will eventually replace the desk, but probably not for another year or so.


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