Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Very Valiente Thought On Beauty

This is a post about my eyebrows. Mostly.

Growing up, I was a very wierd kid. I mean the kind of kid who ate rocks. It took me a very long time to learn to exist in society. Approximately 26 years, to be honest. I have two cousins who taught me more than they realize about being a lady and being feminine. There are still some things I haven't mastered yet, sadly.

So yes- this is a post about my eyebrows. But it's really a confession about my inner lazy-fat-slob-frump-girl. I feel like The Yankee and I need to have a conversation about my appearance approximately every six months- and a reminder about my humor, at least quarterly.

There are all kinds of Bible verses that discuss inner beauty- reminders not to adorn oneself with braids and pearls, charges that beauty is fleeting, and statements about what makes a woman a true beauty. And while those things are very, very true, we must also acknowledge that there is a difference between ugliness from a rotten attitude, ugliness from a geometric abonormality in a person's appearance, and ugliness because you just look like as hot mess. I believe most of my ugly days stem from that third category, with the occasional from the first. I like to believe that I don't fall into category two- and please don't tell me if I do (I can't handle that kind of honesty).

My eye brows are the representation of my cyclical beauty slumps. It's effing hot here in New York and my skin goes from dewey to shiny to oil slick before 9 AM. It's one pony tail day after another here, as The Yankee and I hover, scantily clad, in front of our one lil' window unit. It's very easy and easily forgiven to have low-key beauty days.

I didn't start tending to my brows until right before The Yankee started dating- a little over three years ago. Before that, they normally looked like this ---------------------------------------->
Notice the fan shaped spike above my left eye, which gets a little pirate-y every now and then, thanks to a swat in the face with a plastic swing by my big brother (thanks for that, Bro).

Once I did start grooming them, I made the novice mistake of going too far- and all of a sudden the space between my eyes was getting wider and wider.

I've been letting my brows grow and trying to stay on top of them, but they've gotten a bit crazy. I've gotten a little too casual and lazy about my hair, make-up, and clothes just in general- again, laregly because NYC has not embraced the 1970's gift of central air. So now Pinterest has all these great tutorials for make-up- especially for the eyes- I I can't help but notice them wonderful eyebrows on these ladies. So today I decided to really give it a shot and try to make my brows look nice.

The thing about beauty and make-up and hairstyles is that it takes work and effort. I do care how I look and I do want my husband to be proud of me. My frump days are mostly lazy days, but I am going to get better at it. I hereby promise to shape it up, put on a little lipstick, and get out of my grooming rut.


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