Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Very Valiente Blog Analysis

So right now I currently write have three blogs. One is and will remain private because the contents of it seem to make people want to tattle on me to my husband. One I started when I was freshly-single that’s basically about how fantastic my life it (and yes, it is FANTASTIC). The third is a blog I started when the Yankee and I got married. I was pretty good about updating it at the beginning of the year; it’s been a slow summer with very little to report.

I love to read blogs of all kinds. I love NieNie, MckMama, my girlfriends’ blogs, and Penelope Trunk, amongst others. Penelope Trunk is an edgy woman with highly-functioning Asperger’s who writes about getting your head out of your back pocket and keeping your career on track (and some juicy details about her own life). One of her tips for would-be bloggers is this (taken from her actual blog):

Pick something that seems good, and if it isn't, try again. Don't get hung up on topic. As in dating, you'll know when you've found one that's the right fit. There are some obvious things, like pick a topic you have a lot to say about, pick something that interests you, pick something that will help your career. This is great advice, but you already know that if you look for a perfect match you'll never actually go on a date.

So I thought about what I really want to write about. I think about blogging all the time, but either I think it will be lame once I write it down or I worry that it will get all long and rambly (as my speech patterns do).

So here is the list of stuff I thought I could write about and the reasons I chose not to:

1. Gluten Free living- it’s been done, there are THOUSANDS and I consult most of them for my own cooking, so that would be a rip off for sure!

2. My career field- I am by no means an expert in human resources and still need a mentor, so this was off the list pretty fast. Besides, it could easily turn into me ranting about my work environment, which is a surefire was to get Dooced and tank my career in a hot second

3. How much I love my husband- I have a feeling I am the only person interested in this topic

So I started this particular blog so I could write about my family, mostly because those are the blogs I enjoy reading the most. I don’t write blogs because I want to one day monetize them and end up the next Heather B. Armstrong. I write because things are on my mind and I like to share things that are on my mind. So I’ll continue only one blog- this one- and leave the other two alone (and private) and continue to share the comings-and-goings of the Caliente Valientes- because we are pretty damn Caliente AND pretty damn Valiente. I hope you enjoy reading about us J


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